Kyojin Restaurant

Friday, February 17, 2006

Kyojin Restaurant is located at 2734 S Campbell Ave. Last night, my husband and I ate at this restaurant. We will NEVER return!

I was optimistic for this restaurant when it opened. They serve sushi buffet style along with many other entrees. This is the third time for me to eat at Kyojin and each time it has gotten worse.

This time the restaurant seemed dirty. The food tasted bad like the ingredients used where cheap. I can tell a difference between cheaply made food and food made well.

We only went up to the buffet once and did not finish what we put on our plates.

In addition, the food contains MSG. I was very dehydrated after eating the food and the rest of the evening, I felt like throwing up. I would not be surprised if I had a mild case of food poisoning. In addition, my son slept poorly and he had indigestion too. He is breastfeed so what goes into me goes into him.

When we were leaving, the woman making sushi cashed us out. She kept her rubber gloves on and we watched her - she did not change them when she returned to make sushi. ICK!


wikiChick said...

Yuck. It must be the location. The restaurant previous to Kyojin, Diamond Head, was equally gastronomically disturbing. A friend told me that they catered a drug rep's lunch at her doctor's office, and there was a roach in the fried rice. Not a preferred seasoning.

Anonymous said...

Interestingly enough, if you look up Kyojin in the Greene County Health Dept's restaurant inspection online database, they pop up in October as having 3 critical health violations and 9 non-critical violations.

gay said...

YUKADOO! Thanks for the tip. The two dirtiest things in a restaurant and the menu (everyone touches it) and money.

Try Sakura...good sushi, good prices!

Granny Geek

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